Wilds's Claws

StrikerOG 7 years ago updated by Çağdaş Demiralp 6 years ago 16

Hey guys It's Me StrikerOG again, and today I wanted to discuss the claws. The Claws are very strong dont get me wrong ( :D ) but seemed to lack the invincibility effect the sword and hammer received when performing their special attack. I've been trying the claws out (mostly there special) and If you perform a special attack with your claws, and your opponent blocks they can still hit you. Unlike with the sword, you bounce off the shield and with the hammer you get sent forwards. So for this I would like to propose, that the claws should get the invincibility they deserve.

Please feel free to comment or suggest what you think was good or bad about my idea. Thanks

And if this was meant to happen Rez, then soz :/


um not really cuz you cant necessarily block with a claw.


Claws are already op enough. Why buff it again?


Claws should have invincibility on the special. I think every weapon but axe should have invincible special. Thats why they call it special.

I completely agree with you. If other weapons have invincibility why not claws?


I disagree, Claws special has one of the best gap closers in the game and does damage to everyone in the way, the reason that the hammer doesn't get damaged is because it only hits the landing point, and also the sword doesn't dash foward. Adding that to claws would turn it into the best special for sure, because it even knocks down everyone.


The claws are really op right now, I don't think a buff is necessary.


Claws is like another one. Sword attack is faster right now... isn't that OP?

Claws' Special attack should be invencible.....


I think spear need buff. Claws is good weapon in my opinion.


both should be buffed.

I agree, mainly because of its absurdly large price.

It is not logic at all that an special can be stunned.... If you do the special against a group and any of them are blocking, you are dead.



laws are unneccesarily powerful now, they're waaay too strong, why did you do this Rezoner?

pls consider that now the claws special is the most powerful weapon in the game, better than any other special, why did you do this? it's unintuitve for gameplay, now everyone will just buy claws because they're objectively better than anything else. IT's like the sword was in the old Ruins, it's just too good.