Clone Balance

Evasive 7 years ago updated by Dziewczynka 7 years ago 9

Changes to the Mirage Potion:

  • Clones should be weaker (less health, less damage).
  • Mirroring the player's movement causes the clones to get stuck or killed on traps. Maybe use bot AI that's limited to a radius around the player.
  • I also think that there should be a maximum amount of clones per person (maybe 2 or 3), though the time limit on the clones should be removed.

Problems (that I've found):

  • The clone stops mimicking your movements when you lose your weapon.
  • Clones on the "none" team can damage each other and the player.
  • Knives are thrown by every clone (the only item to do so)
  • Archer clones literally have aimbot...

Feel free to criticize or add on.

- Evasive

yea i dont like it when the clones arnt right next to u. i tried going to the edge of the map and push em toghether but that doesnt work

i think that there should be no clone limit, the time keeps check enough.

archer clones only follow ur mouse

my suggestions:

clones have no time limit

maximum 5 clones per person

more numbed arrow aimbot

when you use a potion like heal or rage it applies to all clones

I think 5 is a bit much but I agree with the potions (maybe not heal though)

In my opinion, Clones should have a limit, a very brief one.

You're very right. I totally agree.

I love the way clones currently are. While I would be content with the changes proposed in this thread, I personally do not feel any change is necessary.

Items should be small boosts to the basic fighting mechanics. Certainly, if half of the players are running around with clones, that changes how you play the game. If rarely you encounter players with clones, that's just a small addition which makes the game more interesting.


More bugs:

Clones created in 3v3 and Soccer don't disappear at the end of each round if the player controlling them doesn't die (while all other variables - HP, item inventory - are reset). I don't know if Rezoner intended this but my guess is he didn't.

- When archers use their special, their clones fire normal arrows. That's okay, but when mages use their special, their clones ALSO fire normal arrows.

I'd like to keep clones at maximum 5 or even 3, but without time limit, yes.