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Isn't a bug, but I think that if you roll on walls that you can fall, you should take damage SAME AS the stone/rocks in the desert.

Once I had that problem, 1 day after the tribe thing was added to the game, I randomly lost my tribe, I couldn't recover it with the command or anything, but luckly I had given a private invite to a friend and he hadn't accepted it yet, so I could re-join my own guild thru my invitation link, I even made a post in here about it, but after I recovered, I deleted it.

What your comment has to do with this discussion? Being a developer doesn't mean he can't hear feedbacks.

You're forced to turn to block, that's skill based, and that's why it's more difficult.

It was tested and it were nice, even the votes were half and half, but you guys couldn't adapt yourselves to the higher skilled base game.

I wasn't having problems of dying by "Basic attacks".

How it is now, it's luck based, when you hit from behind, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, you can hit them, any type of "Turning" that the person does it will make you hit their shield and... suffer a lot. As it is now, it's almost impossible to back-stab someone on purpose. When it were 180° it were good, because it actually MADE people turn to block, instead of blocking to any direction and being half-invulnerable.

In that case, people shouldn't be able to block with their asses too, block should be reduced to at least 180° degree again.

I just played on the Brazil server, and the Ping quality is pretty nice, I can feel that I don't have any delay at all.

Holy fucking god, thank you Rezoner.

Shield with 270° degree block isn't even a shield, sounds like an invisible aura that protects you from all around, 270° is too much.

First of all, Poland is pretty near where most of Gaming servers are in EU (Amsterdam).

As you can see on this print, there's a big difference between Poland --> EU and Brazil --> US

25ms is pretty playable, but 160+... it starts to be something like a "Predicting" game, where you can't do some moves based on what the guy is doing, but you gotta guess what the enemy is going to do, so you can execute actions earlier so it compensates the ping, which results in something similar to a "Luck Based" thing, which ends in a bad gameplay when you try to fight High-Skilled players.