Combat mechanic overhaul: Parry and block

Jaxc 7 years ago updated by Paradoc 7 years ago 11

I'm suggesting a rework of the current interactions of block and attack as well as proposing an additional mechanic to compensate: parry

So as we all know when a kick/attack hits a block the attacker receives a stun rendering the attacker helpless to defend himself for a few seconds. This is the mechanic that this topic will focus on, and how a believe this interaction can be improved.

Introducing parry and changing block--

Changing block

-block will no longer stun an opponent instead it will simply negate an damage in a directional cone for regular attacks and projectiles

-A power/charge attack will break through a block hitting the player for the regular damage. I believe this will serve the dual purpose of making the charge attacks more viable to use, as the charge attack is a very risky move to utilize both using stamina, being very visible to your enemies. It doesn't really do all that much more damage than a regular attack. Currently as it stands the charge attack only serves to give you increased mobility when attacking.

-Kicking the block will remain the same.

-Rolling a block remains the same.


-Parry should have a short activation time in order to prevent it from being too overpowered as well as to make players anticipate opponent's attacks in order for parry to work.

-A charge attack/regular attack on a parry will result in a stun. This stun should last a bit longer than the current block/attack stun due to parry having a shorter activation time.

-Parry is directional just like block.

-Parry will not stop a kick.

-Parry will not stop a roll.

-Parry will not block projectiles nor will it reverse them like kick.

The reason I believe these changes will improve the game is that I think players are too reliant on block. When you are blocking the only thing you can be hit for is a roll or a dash(provided no one gets behind you) and neither of those do very much damage to you. My hope is that with the above changes the game will be less reliant on using block as your stable to counter everything and more on skill and precision to beat your oppenent.


In my opinion current fighting system is very good and now game need only few small improvements, like spear buff etc.Such drastic changes can turn upside down all the mechanics that were built up months.


Yeah I agree and atm rezoner isnt working on fighting hes working on survival things

I do agree that the current fighting system is good. I personally love the combat myself but this is no reason to shy away from change that could potentially improve the game. We can all agree that wilds has come a long way since its first release and hopefully my proposed change will only be another stepping stone on its way to a legendary game.

I feel like the idea's good, but Rezoner is focusing on different things. Also, would there be a way to break shield with parry like hooking away the shield?

Uh my idea is actually just that parry would be a defensive ability like block in order to reduce the reliance on block itself but if balancing tests think that parry should negate block somehow..I guess it could?

Shield!!! This is shield work, not a parry!

Ummm yea...block=shield.

I'm not sure what you're saying. I'm proposing a new move to re haul the current combat.

Shield with 270° degree block isn't even a shield, sounds like an invisible aura that protects you from all around, 270° is too much.

No dude if it was completely directional it would be impossible

Yes. YES! Y E S ! This is what I want! All of my yes, and a +1 to a spectacular post.

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game)

The current mechanics are perfect.

psst but add the grabb