Server in Brazil

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by NUT Gaming 7 years ago 12

I have decided to run a server in Sao Paulo. First of all I haven't worked with this hosting provider before so I don't know how stable it is. Let me know if that improves lag for South America.

Now the most important thing - the servers in South America are the most expensive in the world due to weird tax regulations you have there - I will be straightforward and sincere with you - if revenue from South America won't make it up for this dedicated server I will have to suspend it or move it to USA.

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Thanks Rez.


Rez is rich as hell :D

He have got 41935831981918 gold in wilds.io so he can run server in any country

Ah, rez could you look at the message I sent you on twitter?
 I'll be grateful to give you an answer there! :)

i just noticed rez´s gold ;-;

PraetorianMKII can lick his ass

cool as i am not Brazilian :)

26k magic in the airrrrr ye arr!

(get the song ref?)


I just played on the Brazil server, and the Ping quality is pretty nice, I can feel that I don't have any delay at all.

Well rezoner seems like this is working