Bug in pvp arena

Caio Costa 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 9

When he knows that I have the special attack, he keeps rolling or kicking the wall. He does this because he will not be attacked by the special attack.

When you kick and roll on the wall, you can not get any attacks

The pvp has basically become this, he uses the special attack, then rolls and kicks the wall, when the special attack comes back, he uses the special again and keeps doing it all the time


It is annoying I give you that...


Isn't a bug, but I think that if you roll on walls that you can fall, you should take damage SAME AS the stone/rocks in the desert.

This system was working many months ago, but it was removed.


I don't like it because it is cowardly behavior. I think this hills should works like a walls. 
Also in pvp is bug, and sometimes one player is invisible what give huge advantage. I noticed when someone kill himself, when he waiting for next round, rarely he can got invisibility.

i saw it too it make him be invinsible

The game has lost all its mechanics for this bug. I can use it, but I think it unfair to other players

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Rezoner what do you think about it?
As you see many players agree that this should be changed.


Now when you will roll into the hills, you receive damage.


It should be fixed as rolling against mountains will now cause damage.