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Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 6 years ago 10

This has been reported several times and is a major issue but is still not fixed. Tribe owners buy a tribe, and lose their coins, and their tribe disappears. Please fix this ASAP I just spent an hour getting coins for a tribe just to lose all the money. 

Ok I just found a fix, to do the recover tribe command. Still needs to be fixed though, and soon.

Nice idea dude

yeah i forgot to change it i was half asleep when posting this

stop doing that (:

If it's in-game, use /recover_tribe or something like that

Under review

Are you sure you haven't left the tribe or something? Just be honest because I cannot find the problem since months now.

Yes i'm sure. Many others have also had this issue. I made the tribe, I had access to administration in the tabs. It may be that I only spent a couple seconds in the tribe area and it didnt have time to load but other than that I did everything normally.

what which tribe is Mom in?

Once I had that problem, 1 day after the tribe thing was added to the game, I randomly lost my tribe, I couldn't recover it with the command or anything, but luckly I had given a private invite to a friend and he hadn't accepted it yet, so I could re-join my own guild thru my invitation link, I even made a post in here about it, but after I recovered, I deleted it.