New Type Of Goblin ~

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We all know that the goblin is the most annoying creature to encounter during a fight in wilds.io .

(I don't know about the troll tho)_______________________________

Here's a simple idea of a new type of goblin ...

A RED GOBLIN - compared to the ordinary goblin who deals 1 damage per hit , this goblin blows up like a grenade . Yea yea , this might seem crazy but I think this would be fun . This creature can be used for combat tactics as well .

Just like the normal green goblin , this will only take 1 hit to kill , same speed as the ordinary goblin .

As soon as it attacks , IT BLOWS UP - exactly like a grenade . However , The Red Goblin cannot explode if killed , it will only trigger once it actually hits the Player . Blocking the attack would be no good , It'd still blow up . making this hard to kill during a fight .

The damage dealt from the explosion would only be like the grenade , except ... LESS .

You can imagine using this in combat where you'd trick an opponent into encountering one while distracted.

Red goblins won't always be spawned ... it'll only spawn with a 20% chance to prevent total chaos .


Tell me your ideas and suggestions , If you like/dislike this post , you know what to do :)

"But I honestly think this is a bad idea anyway XD "

This idea is good.+1.But will goblin explode when near player or he could also explode being shot from distance?

Red Goblins will not explode when near a player or if killed .

It will only explode when it attacks , or begin to hit a player ... dodging the attack but having the goblin do a move(hit) will make it explode ... The Catalyst is the the goblin basically attacking only

Please do give an upvote/downvote depending on your opinion !

Just be glad that I'm not Muslim XD , although I admit that this is hilarious ~

Please do give an upvote/downvote depending on your opinion !


I have to tell you the only topics I ever voted is "elemental shamanic claws" and "Political map" with downvotes. I never upvoted any topic.

i think it should explode when you shoot it with a wand, or staff, or a weapon i know is coming up ;)

you could make elemental goblins lul


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i feel bad for the goblins.....

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poor goblins. Don't even deal grenade damage. :(


Last thing they see in my case is arrow up their asses.


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I know,what do you think the chat is going to look like if this is added

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