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Celebrimbor 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

Image 2266someone mentioned this bug and im here with a screen

Though it happened to my teammate it can be with a enemy too, wich is frustrating

I cannot understand the reason of this happening, hopefully Rezoner can

always yours, Razvancic


Reported more times than total age of our planet.

So that's about 4.54 billion yrs,more than less .

Under review

Pushed an update need confirmation if it's fixed or not

gotta check one second

seems to be fixed, cant be sure though, i managed to play only once, as the game is empty by now

invisible XD

yeah hes wearing the invisibility cloak and We can see his name because we are looking at that map that Fred and George gave to Harry

Rezoner i check-played more than 10 times on all maps and its all ok