Spear Bug

Dead Wolf 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 18

After add  Angry Brai voice u can hold the charge of spear look:

or try

confirmed, also it doesnt release, rezoner please fix this :(

same I can provide screenshot but i can tell u this.

after u charge up and release the mouse u stay charged up

u cant dash and u cant sprint u also cant attack the only moves u can do is block roll and kick and all of those moves break u out of that trance

This really is an annoying bug ... :D

Finally someone who is using spear in game! >:D

yea i have it to, forgot to make a screenshot +1

I've killed dead wolf so many times as manlywu

whats your nickname

Without quotes from me; ;-;

can I quote u on something like my blacklist xD

Dis 1 hour bump.

This makes spear pretty much unplayable plz fix