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14 ping is my lowest and usually my ping but highest I got was during a ping spike of 2102

Please Xenon KILL YOURSELF. And cry in your sleep.

Paid players IS what Rezoner wants and if you do this, Rezoner will stumble onto some trouble.

This very post has triggered me so much that I came back to roast you some more. How about you STFU and GTFO because likes yo ass. Rezoner needs to eat to eat and if he does this, players would just farm rather pay with real-world currency.

It's time for me to pursue my desires now. I hope you understand.

Game doesn't have z axis so shooting in tower is going to look wonky.

Guys stop disliking this dude.

All this unused potential...

I do agree that the getting bigger animation is kinda wonky. I think that it should be more gradual.

My comment applied to people that did so if you believe that I did not target Xenon, you can ignore the comment.