Question: Weapon Staff

Xenon 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 24

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 How can perform this attack with my staff? The preview of the weapon shows this attack, but dont know how to use it

Its old attack. That was very laggy so Rez changed it to projectiles

hold attack button


you need to stop spamming the forums

If it's a question post it in the questions category not the ideas category

You can't do that attack anymore it's outdated

? Its under categorie ideas and problems! This forum is full of hate

but it's a question, not an idea.

yea it was a problem for me bro

Its fucking question.

mistodel = anger issues.....there is only one option on the page its called "say" and i clicked it

a bit lower  there is a "Post in " section where you can choose Ideas, bugs or questions. You had to choose question for this post, also keep your insults for yourself, you dont have the right to assume anything when you lack knowdlege

And dafuq is that idea?

Lel, i know.
Dis dude made topic with "idea" mark, when its must be "question" .-.


Outdated video with weapons' previous attack. Bow is same here.

Um..I already said that.

Guys stop disliking this dude.

Why dafuq is no one telling this new guy how to change the idea icon? Guys, we have to help the noobs.

After you click "say", at the bottom, after you write your idea/question/bug there is a bar with the word "idea" on it. Click it. It gives you options. Click "question". Then post the question. Got that?

*Mind blown* *poof*

This should be update...

guys don't worry, he has so many negative points but i'm not disliking, this should be updated

Yea I agree.Let's all press upvote who think this idea makes sense and reason to be updated.