have a giant or a seige tower

sam 4 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 19

Can you add in a giant or a seige tower


Poor description, I dont really know what do you mean. still +1

That'd be nice.Having sort of tower suitable for archers.+1

Game doesn't have z axis so shooting in tower is going to look wonky.

Well,z axis should be implemented in then.

quite hard task, Rezoner has to rework the entire mechanic of the game. Maybe it would be easier to implement different height levels, like 0-ground -1: worm pit, 2-mountains, 3-fort pallisades and maybe 4-tower

z axis was already added before, then removed in an attempt to fix the fort glitches


*arrow mind* weee, I'm flying and free! Oh wait, I had to hit enemy and I forgot about this! *turns into enemy* There you go.

Fuck yea,good manuver,keep it u..o no..* realises that arrow went for dude with helmet*

*arrow's tip folds over like a spoon and misses*

nice idea this will work well for me cuz im an archer

Nice dude,another archer here,nice.Btw your name reminded me of Jojo.

I'll probably go crazy if I'm stuck up there, because I'll just be spamming without any melee combat with the bow. ._.

Why would you even use bow as melee?You need to be at least on mid range in order to be in some advantage.

Uh I'm like one of the first ever bow baiting players, who use the bow with almost everything. Evading, baiting, spamming, tricking, all that. I shoot when I should, and shield when they kick. It's just some sort of original strategy I thought of a while back in like April-May-ish. You would see my early development with that technique in this video in a really old tournament (at that time the arrows could curve): 

There's also an old Rezak fight that I really screwed up on in another video in Brai's channel. Also, does it look like I'm bragging from my prime old days? It just feels like I want to say everything about what I was before........if you want I could stop all of this. ;=;

Um..I'm pretty sure these techniques of yours came way earlier than you think.No offense but I'm sure you can improve your technique and become more aware of your surroundings and eventually be able to conserve time between shots without completly spamming arrows since reload is buffed now and benefits the newbies's chance of survival,and that's just not good.Sorry for criticizing.

Mm yea I know that, but it was months ago, including that video. I learned later on how to position properly and memorize the enemy's style so I could counter the enemy. I obviously improved the style since it was so ridiculously long ago, I changed it up to a more confusing and effective technique that doesn't risk much health against anyone. I earned a toxic skull rank for using that strat, then I thought of using other weapons to increase my range of countering and confusing.

Also majority of the players I saw with the bow use it with a lot of distance, and a very few used the baiting strategy later on during the bro-wars era, like fafay, although I have no idea what happened to him.

Oh yea, criticizing basically gives me an excuse to talk more with more purpose, and criticizing messages just hits the surface of it all.

Ok,ok.This is all ok you're making and improving.And about that baiting technique,you're not only one using it,I was using it aswell,back in old beta days,believe it or not.But the thing is that I can only play on Friday and weekends which is balls since I can't farm as much bones or cash and earn arena ranks whatsoever, you won't see me much using this technique in many creative ways,and even combining of distance shooting to mid range that may sound ridiculous and to some people seem like a hack or cheat,I dunno why even?Anyway, this conversation takes too much space here,so we'll end this argue here,without replying to this again.Hope you understood.

someone came up with an idea of such kind some time ago. It was said to be breakable and repairable with wood, which i liked

the question is, will it be a self shooting tower or there is need for a person to climb atop and use a bow?

 second idea has some disadvantages, as the person whos up there has to stay there constantly which is boring, also many people with melee weapons could climb on and leave no space for bows and staffs

That's only issue,but other than that,this seems legit.