120 bones=120 health normal person has got 8 hp           WT#


Sry i didnt now how much hp the characters have..maybe percentage is better


ah ok ...then maybe i should have said percentage....1 bone = 1 % more

1 idea per week,read the rules,you are flooding the forum.

Dont make bad ideas that have no deacription!


Who are u?..First of all the idea is pretty good...but sry i dont see the rule..i just signed up


Health orbs already exist,add a description if you make another post,dont just make it one sentance,no one can work with a few words.


Alright bro

King has to be kill-able you know...


do people fucking know what a TITLE IS

Dude he has the title down. But descriptions... he needs to work on those.

you need serious help


I feel like people downvote him now just because its him

im not saying that this idea is good but guys around here are like "hey, its that new guy with poopy ideas, lets downvote"

bot really hes a poopy person and he spams too

Totally.This guy is just like others and makes mistakes like others which he can eventually correct.No need for being harsh on new person who tries to contribute just as others,and the thought of underestimating him without hearing him through and letting him correct and progress is just ridiculous.So pull it together guys,it's entirely unnecesary to mock him or underestimating him since you were once in his place so just d(s)eal with it.

Some of you may think that I specifically target him just because he made some stupid mistakes but the thing is that you are all wrong. I did not target him in anyway. Sure I did downvote some of his posts but it's because I disagree. If you believe otherwise, you can have Rezoner check the downvoters and you'll see.

I don't think that you're targeting anyone and I'm totally okay with this.You just did what you needed to make people more aware of how can they overreact sometimes and post bad comments.I dunno why you think I don't believe ya'.

My comment applied to people that did so if you believe that I did not target Xenon, you can ignore the comment.

I don't believe,I know you didn't target him,just warned him.Other than that,everything's ok.

maybe you could have plus one hp every 10 bones


how about every bone a character gets 1,000 hp eh?


*clap clap* Oh wow,great thinking,briliant..Why wouldn 't we add ogre or yeti transforming then?!

You had to inquire before putting this topic