Ogre and Yetis Relationship

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Aren't they supposed to be hostile to each other and to the players? Here in the game we have ogres and yetis just teaming on players. I don't think that that it quite right.


That makes sense.+1.Having clash of ogre and yeti would be pretty damn lit,but there's one thing:How would yeti withstand ogre's attacks since he has way less health?

Ithe games yetis and ogres are fine how they are - Ogres would be too easy to kill if they spawn next to each other- and yetis are already too easy to kill. It would be complex anyway. Would the ogres jump damage the yeti? Would  it's charge?

Worms kill: Ogres, Yetis, Goblins. Ogres kill: Goblins. (I have no idea about the yetis) The ogres and yetis have an understanding. If they kill the players, they get the kills and stuff from them, so the yetis help kill the players, while the ogres could kind of protect the yetis (:l bad logic but that kind of helps me think of why they don't attack each other when this post came up.) Also they have their similarities......meh.

So intense.Can you imagine that yetis can be tamed?How ridiculous would that be.

I don't think so, but I think that we could imitate them by creating disguises or signs to prove that we shouldn't be enemies, but this is rather very imaginary so idk.

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the fuck does that mean


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What does that last chunk on french mean?

Not specific enough.