Not a big fan of the new growing

Knight of Rage 6 years ago updated by savage doge 6 years ago 9

It just makes you a bigger target and it just makes the walking animation look stupid because you're going the same speed.

Speaking of which- Anyone notice the footprints in the game are all wrong? they should be at equal intervals, the characters aren't skipping around, they're walking/running.


I thought you left the forum, same as rest of its' users.

I do agree that the getting bigger animation is kinda wonky. I think that it should be more gradual.


That should be removed for many reasons that I could talk about until nightfall.

it does not in fact make you a bigger target, which is even more irritating for a small person fighting a big, because it seems like you should hit them but you dont

I wasn't talking about the hitboxes, I was talking about the fact that it makes it easier for all the bone-mongers to latch on to you as a target.

Then you kill all the bone-mongers and you get more bones, right?

its not new its olD!!!!!!!!!!

you said you left?