Mirage Potions Limit

Derpie 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 11

     Hello everyone I make this post for a problem : the mirage potion.

Well, this potion to me is pretty good but there is a problem when there're too many clones:

-Using knives/ arrows/ ice bullets can kill someone because there're too many projectiles and the -shield can block only about 1 second.

-When those conditions occurs, the game lag.

My idea is to add a clone limit to not exploit this way to farm gold/ kills/ bones.



lots of reports about this

It's not a report for bugs but an idea to fix a limit for the clones.

If you do not know (which I think is the case) the clones do not preset 
limit because they end quickly if you have many, it is also difficult to find
 potions of clones by the map (clone potions are the rarest to find).

I can beat a small army of ten clones by rolling. Then, they get disoriented and you can make easy work of them. Well at least that's how I deal with clones.

I think it's pretty balanced rn


you know that you can kick the projectiles right?


this guys a noob


It's pretty balanced. The more clones, the easier to kill them

Tactic for clone army is easy: just attack original player. But i agree archer or mage, with big army of clones is small problem, especially if player is type of runner.

Well thanks for the replies everyone.
I'll think about this mecanics.