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1 idea spear weapon to be a free

macman 7 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 25

my idea is to do spear free for players.

is this a troll? spear cannot be free

If you want the spears free, so what about the players who bought it with 2000 golds?

Spear for free? Maybe axe now for 2400 gold? No.

Ehh just collect enough gold and buy it. It's not that hard as you think.

Just saying that spear is too good to be free...


I was just about to write that this was a good idea to go against everyone but this idea is so bad and badly explained that nevermind. WORST. IDEA. EVER.



Under review

Dear Blizzard, I need Diablo 3, send me now. Thanks.

The hell is this?What did he meant by that?

spear is diablo 3 and rezoner is blizzard

nah bruh why would it be free? just cause you want it and dont afford it? go farm buddy

This ultra bump tho .-.

No,that's Savage Doge line!

are you stupid?

What,I just say.Easy man.