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Knight of Rage 2 years ago • updated by Jing An Tew 2 years ago 18

pls consider that now the claws special is the most powerful weapon in the game, better than any other special, why did you do this? it's unintuitve for gameplay, now everyone will just buy claws because they're objectively better than anything else. IT's like the sword was in the old Ruins, it's just too good.

Under review

No worries mate, we will find a way to NERF it if it turns out to be too strong.
I thought that's what community wants.

It is faster than any other special, covers more ground than any other melee special, does 2 damage (the highest damage value for a special), AND knocks over opponents. How is that balanced in the slightest? Each weapon should have its own unique strengths and weakneses, this claw special is literally the best of all worlds. It was sort of balanced when you could stun by blocking, because then it would make sense as a powerful, but risky, move. Now it has everything.


you can dash, jump dash, roll, run using haste, get hp back with health potion, or cover yourself with clones. Dont be so salty m8

Sure, you can do all those things, but that doesn't change it being objectively better than every other weapon special. I'm not being salty, I have them myself, and I know firsthand how op they are. I'm being realistic: Claws by themselves are already superior because their attack rate is waaaay too high and their knockback is virtually 0, so you can shred opponents, it also has Indisputably the best special in the game by far. That's not healthy for the game, as soon as everyone has 3000 coins (which doesn't take long to collect), everyone who wants to do well will have claws as their melee weapon, and the game will suck.

I agree with E%patriate. There is no balance in the current selection of weapons.

Stressed P v P.

...what does this mean? there's no PvE in the game, so yeah, I did emphasize pvp because that's the whole game. The claws are unbalanced in the whole game.


... can I get an answer?

boi there will always be a "best" or "op" in every single game, no matter what

so the best solution to this IS TO RUN AWAY WHEN U C DA WOLVERINE


also, rarely any people have claws. there are more bots than claw users

again, none of this justifies the buff. The best solution shouldn't be to run away. And while it may be that some weapons will always be better than others, we can always work to improve the game by not buffing the shit out of an already op weapon.

Ok, sword was increased its speed as well. Are you going to complain for it or just about the claws?

Using claws you have to be closer, you do less damage (bit quicklier) are you going to over react only because the special (remember, special) now is no-stunnable?

Sorry, but I think the problem with archers + zoom out + clones are MUCH MUCH MUCH important than this.

Just saying the sword got increased speed but reduced damage compared to the hammer

some claws get carried away with spamming the attack button when ur paralyzed, so u "bait n block"

what i mean is that when they are keep attacking, right after ur not paralyzed u block then quickly attack 2 times.

Stressed = All caps + stress feel of this post.


I kind of just skip capsed lines. I don't like being yelled at