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This is the point, one that is obstinate in using a bow+run will find more challenge if others can use a ranged weapon as an optional. In the same way, a bow user can have a chance to get out from difficult situations if he can react with the most appropriate weapon.

I think an alternative to double weapon selection might be to have a secondary weapon, a-la bloodborne. You always have a melè weapon and a gun. It doesn't have to be that way in Wilds, but other than adding variety it can help with certain issues that would be just unsolvable. Nerfing the bow as many ask isn't really going to solve the problem.

Also, I think that claws are already quite op as long as you don't run away. I actually think that the problem at the core of this game is that there is no incentive in doing team work. Everyone is exclusively for themselves.

During those times there were only incendiary weapons, not explosive ones (300 is more fiction than history). Explosive weapons started appearing at around half of the second millennium, precisely around the same time firearms appeared.

I'm not that hyped for firearms in wilds though, I'd like optimization over innovation.

Before you say "no fire arms in a game set in medieval times".
What about the grenades and the mines?

What about another weapon with that special attack? The Arquebus with bayonet.

Very powerful but slow to charge.

A quick tap is a thrust with the bayonet. (short-ranged attack)

The charged attack is a projectile. (I'd say it should come out slower than the bow)

The special attack is precisely what you described.

"in the arena the bow doesn't have a big advantage over other weapons,"

I meant:
"In the fort the bow doesn't have a big advantage over other weapons"

The real question at this point is: is the spear a long range or a short range weapon in this game?

OK everyone, I'll admit: I was too quick with my assestment. These last days I've been able to play more and it's true that the wand isn't that much stronger than the bow. I wrote my post after just 2 days after I stopped playing for 9 months or so. I probably just met very good players by chance.
Now... I have to find a way to get my account back.

I'd love an updated CTF.

Upvoted. There was no need to downvote him just because he shared an opinion. His experience against LRW is enough.

Nobody is going to take away long-range weapons just because you don't know how to deal with them. You like melee weapons more? Fine, use them. Just play and learn how to beat the archer and the mage instead of being the old man yelling at clouds.