Your comments

Dont make them all patreon since it will put F2P players , such as myself (i would donate if i could) at a disadvantgde

vote in the comments for he best one so that rezoner can see it and add it

(EDIT) The tank class starts with full armor which makes him balanced so that he can't stack health


-Full armor

-Half movement speed

key board controls should be a thing

Using your arrows to look around and wasd to move should be standard be can be tweaked to user prefrence

*this is a guess*

mystery crates are what you get potions out of on the map Ruin

yetis are the brown beasts and they can be found on either map,while a yeti horde is an absurd number of yetis in a map

i agree with the bomb but there is already a minimap, its the circle around your player.Red circles represent enimies green represents friends gray represents potions/items crown represents top scorer

lol just imagine the chat in arena

ends game in three one score*

loser: copulate you you piece of fecal matter

you are right about the colors but instead of your enemy (goblins) just change the whole skin to like a maiden or something, that way enemies know its not a goblin but yours (dang i dont wanna say pet or ill trigger so many people but you catch my drift,right?) and it would be team colored and when your pet dies it doesnt respawn until you do,just to overall keep it balanced so that the guy who buys coins and gets the most op pet like the beast or something doesnt, just keep getting that you know? but all pets should have two hp but not conditionally where one swing kills but two kicks/specials but two of any type of hits so that once it dies it really dies.Pets can also be healed and armored like normal players and certain pets do certain things and i have three already in my head and i will edit (ALSO YOU GUYS REPLY)if i come up with more

the beast-a mini fur beast who can hit once every ten seconds and does one hp dmg ( i will be editing this to align with the others)

the maiden-brews/creates potions at the request (requesting-pressing the number of a potion/item that you dont have) when requested with a timer increased upon every request

the goblin-seeks out gold and returns to you on call (gold counter is displayed on the bottom of your screen) at you can take the gold from it,when the goblin is equipped it will increase your gold cap by 50 but if it is killed while on the hunt All the gold that has been collected is dropped

a goblin pet that spawns potions/items

The only reason i see this being bad is the revive since you have instant respawns otside of competitive so instead of a revive how about a Full Health Heal that, no matter what class or hp you are at restores all your hp but unlike other classes this has a slower recharge (like extremely slow) and makes it easier on rezonor because less coding