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i could see it , a heavy who punches and does one dmg but his rock is slow unblockable half health taking

lol rip

But he said he would not be adding it back soo...

lol that t didn't turn out how it looked on my phone

Kick is in a good spot , using it to switch up in stunlock when your opponent tries to counterroll or jumps, also allows for counters (and a minigame) to thrown weapons if timed right or you know... luck I don't say it needs a buff because of these reasons

I won't downvote your post just to see what other people think

I don't think he has that kind of money for language servers, the only reason I'm saying this is because I saw a post (from Rez) about the patroen being the way he buys servers and a bunch of people were faking pledges

i also came across this player and i asked him if everything was okay and he said he was being bullied,but nontheless there should still be a mute button for those who dont want to have to look at that

minus- it would remove the purpose of coins

most people would kill bots for xp

You can just make the zone so that as soon as you leave, returning will have no effect.I really feel that this is the best option to,stop spawn campers enemies or friends,allow you to type anything you need when you are first in the zone,and on the returning part if your being chased you cant just ***** out with your zone because the chaser will still be able to damage you(or whoever leaves the zone/have left) without feeling b.s-ed.


instead of ctf You could have tribes(teams) sign up and play soccer