Let's discuss the mage

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How do you imagine mage character? What attacks, what skills.
It's going to be mana based offensive character.




Ok I think the magic staff is ready and we can close the thread.
In the future I will also add the mage hat.

Hmm,attack is with mage,but at two shots the player get hurt(sorry for english I'm romanian) And the skills i do no..

you have really good english


For these all characters need to be a patreon?

Yes, although I will be looking forward for different payment methods as Patreon doesn't click for most of the users.

:( i cant donate anything

I would love to use paypal

Can i donate???

I donated but how much you really would like to get a donation so you could work faster on mage Cuz I'm really in love with this game.

hahahah lol its not like you give him money he works faster... you give him money he hires people that helps him with the script .... so he needs money to hire them

And here comes the truth about Patronage :)
1000$ of donations were fake. Which is super sad, because I said no to contract works and invested a lot of working hours for free.


I wondered how you got on with that. People suck.

Dont make them all patreon since it will put F2P players , such as myself (i would donate if i could) at a disadvantgde

Dodaj możliwość donejta przez psc ale powyżej 10 $.


Also maybe doubling both current class' hitpoints and attack strengths to support weaker ('half point') attacks?


i think maybe the special move could be some sort of fireball maybe triple fireball depending if the classes are better than another, but if it is just one it should have the same effect as a knife or maybe no instant damage but a

burning affect that takes a health every so often but can be countered by the shaman or a healing potion

his right click should be something to do with the hat i don't know what but but it would be cool to have it used as a weapon, i just think that it would be cool if the hat was alive.

p.s. once you are finished these two you should try making a archer/slingshot type character. (also just to keep some diversity it should be a woman)


Weak health and high attack? I think the model looks a bit like the wizard in Clash of Clans. Maybe he should have a staff?


well, the mage, first the desing xD locks badass at first let`s see if in the game will be equal,

now, about the game play, weak long atacks = knife 1/4 stong but with recharge

the right click scroll up thing xD some sort of rock/fire/ice atack (this gave me an idea about a man discuss as the other team and boom! knife uo his a**)

insted of kicks, long range stuning atack, no damage, no so much time but, blockable or just the wind

may be a barrier 360º/180º with scroll down? (no effect on knife or grande to balance) last 1 sec

normal roll to escape things but no headbutt effect

and can you put e right click scroll down to some barrier like power but isted of bock brings down an enemy? no damage but is like a kick with 180º and like mage badass xD

and sorry for my inglish xD


passive: if an enemy is near to you on 10 seconds.. he starts to burn

a sample fireball to bring down the enemy.. at the wheel up! instead of roll, you uses a boost of explosions at ur back

basic attack: an small area around the target of fire.

Knife: a knife normal but with fire..

I'd say there should be one fire effect, but everything. I'm thinking a ground based "earth" attack, Example, a group of spikes pop up from the ground doing a quick short of damage with a radius slightly smaller than the mine blast ring.


Instead of a roll/dodge can how about short range teleport (that works through rocks) it could cost a small ammount of Mana or have a cool down.


In my opinon:


- no attack, no block, no roll...

- slow movement speed

- low hp (catch knife = dead?)

- offensive/defensive/movement spells

- spells should have cooldown and cost mana

- spells damage should depend on attacker and defenders player skill


METEOR (right click) deals AoE damage

- 1 damage on impact (can be blocked)

- ignites ground and deals damage over time

Knight is attacked by mage with meteor :

- knight is noob -> he takes 1 dmg from impact (no block) + 3 dmg from burn (he runs reacts slowly to burn) = 4 dmg in total

- knight is good player -> he takes no dmg from impact (he blocked it) + 1 dmg from burn (he runs fast before meteor even fall down) = 1 dmg in total

INVISIBILITY (wheel down) - cast to run away, you gain invis for 5 seconds and extra movement speed

WAVE (right click + wheel up) - cast to knockback enemy

- enemy can jump to dodge spell

- enemy caught by wave takes 2 damage, is knocked X unit back over 1 second and falls to ground

- it can be used to set up meteor

- while player is dragged by wave he can be attacked

- it couild drag/activate bomb

TELEPORT (hold right to channel) - teleport to cursors location, the longer distance you want to jump the longer it takes to cast spell

FIREBALL (left click)

- 1 damage spell which can be kicked back to mage

- fireball vs fireball = both vanish

- fireball kills knife

With introducing new class I'm sure that player should be able to change class while in game, before respawn. It should be situational to counter enemies team and to support your team.

I imagine him being like Mega Man in Smash 4 with his attacks all ranged and being able to put tremendous amount of pressure on an enemy.

LMB: I think his LMB would be a fire ball that does one damage per hit.

RMB: His RMB would be a ghost hand that can grab players and items from a distance.

MWUP: His MWUP would be a wave of water that knocks down enemies, but it has a very short range.

MWDOWN: His MWDOWN would be a wall of electricity that forms around him that does two damage, but he can't move.

RMB+MWUP: His RMB+MWUP would be a metal spearhead charged with fire and electricity that does 3 damage, is hit-scan, and breaks block.

i think its a little to op

i think the fireball whould take a little to charch so you cannot spam it and like he would be slower and have lower health like 3/4


These are just his move set, all the cool downs, health, and damage stats will be decided by the developer


maybe his special attack is a shock wave


A class already has shockwave


i think he can range shoot fire balls, with fire status,or ice rocks, that will slow the enemy, but if this are too hard, he can roll a stone,create a wall, or heal, to support that will be funny.

maybe if: right click, freeze near enemies; wheel up, fire balls; wheel down, roll to run/run;left drop a meteor. if all these spells cost mana,(frz 20; fire 10; meteor 50) he will not need to have an spcial attack

medium life;low speed;more mana;

this is the help fron Brazil, tanks


Thanks for all your ideas. I have now a draft of a mage - after soccer mode and items I will get to work on this new hero.

How long you will PLANNED the mage. if u reply i would aprecciate it :D

This game is on the movie Called "The Lord Of The Rings" Lord of the rings is a mission to burn the ring And a movie called a The Hobbit The hobbit is a mission to their homeland on the Mountain suddenly a Dragon apeared sleeping inside the Mountain And but the dragon did Died with 1 Black Arrow. Will u add a Dragon Rider?? or a Archer?? i would love it And ALSO A DWARF


Ranged atacks , low hp , high speed. special move:gives 1 hp potion

i think it can be the special move of shaman

Moja wizja maga:

Mniej HP niż normalna postać(4 lub 5 zamiast 6) lub normalna ilość HP ale w zamian za to wolniej by się poruszał

Atak bezpośredni(LPM) - 1 DMG, mag z bliska atakowałby pięściami, z dłuższym cooldownem niż inne postacie

Dystansowy atak(PPM) - 2 DMG, jeśli zablokujemy go to zabierałby 1 DMG, pocisk to byłaby ognista kula czy coś w tym stylu, byłaby ona dość duża(w moim wyobrażeniu 1/2 wielkości gracza) taki atak miałby cooldown 2-3 sekundy lub zabierałby manę (30/100)

Jako skill(PPM+scroll up) - meteoryt (na miejsce w które wskazywał gracz robiąc atak, spadnie duża kula ognia zadająca 2 lub 3 DMG i przewracająca graczy, czas od momentu aktywowania mocy do spadnięcia meteorytu to 1-2 sekudny, uderzenia meteorytu nie można byłoby zablokować w żaden sposób, jedynie inny mag może zredukować DMG o 1 i nie przewrócić się używając swojej bariery) - meteoryt pozwalałby na robienie combosów, np. celny atak meteorytem(-2 HP), gdy wróg leży, celny atak dystansowy(-2 HP) i już mamy - 4 DMG(zakładając że nie rzucimy go jeszcze nożem czy nie podłożymy miny)

Jako blok(scrool down) - bariera, wokół maga pojawiłaby się mała, biała lub niebieska otoczka zmniejszająca DMG od topora o 1 ale za to blokująca ataki typu przewrót i kopniak

Jako przewrót(scrool up) - to samo co w normalnej postaci ale mag mógłby go używać troszkę rzadziej

Mam nadzieję że niczego nie ominąłem i z góry dzięki za wzięcie moich propozycji pod uwagę.




Stun ability- Will stun a player for 2 seconds(Only reduces speed and blurs vision by 50%)

Will fire small lava stones, having an after affect(Fire) and dealing small area splash. Reload is pretty slow(2.3 seconds), and does not deal a lot of damage.

Health- More than a grunt, but reduced healing

Speed same speed as a Zerk.

Using the speed thing will make the mage fly slightly above ground and go faster(Of course he can still be hit while flying)

Bombs deal extra damage to the mage, and arrows(If archer is implemented) and knives can skillfully be dodged by perfectly aimed stones


developer I want you to be creative with the other moves, but it would be cool to add at least one of these mechanics to the mage!


i imagein a mage will look like this

im just saying...

+1 What's ur DeviantArt?

Make an skill of summoning the pet wolf or bear?

in my opinion mage is not wild. shaman its wild, mage-not.

it can shoot little fire balls but there is a one second cooldown. special move can do a big red fireball? you will probably not do this but im fine with it

i have an idea some of us (me) cant spare money so how about have like a duel ax wielding maniac/muroder (sry for spelling im Latvian) for patreon and archer mage and shaman for free players

good idea plz respond if it is

Ok, so therere will be no mage as in different character - we will use the new equipment mechanics.
I will add mage staff and hat to the armory that will give you different skills.
ALTHOUGH if the ranged combat break the game I will have to remove it :)

You should give the mage an escape mechanism, like teleport instead of rolling forward. That way, the mage can move through walls every so often to run away or chase somebody.

Also, if he will not have a shield, some other sort of defense should exist for him, just make it harder to use than simply bringing the shield up to cover you.

Alright good I like the mage idea anything that I can do that makes me op I like


Я думаю , что слишком CHEATER магом, или будет использоваться для мошенничества


По мне идея офигенна=I thing idea is awesome.


I am now donating $ 1 a month :)


Ok I think the magic staff is ready and we can close the thread.
In the future I will also add the mage hat.

Could you add another kind of magician?