Let's discuss switching weapon in arena.

StrikerOG 7 years ago updated by Branislav Širgeľ 7 years ago 7

Hey its me StrikerOG. So i went on to arena with the bow on monday the fifth, after i beat the guy once the weapon switched. I honestly think this was a horrible addition. I won because the opponent was inexperienced with the bow which costed him a round. I think that a new weapon is only meant to be gotten when you receive a mystery crate from the yeti hoard. The mystery crate was great for non spenders so they could see which weapons they preferred. But if you're competitive like me you would not like this change. To me I would not want my weapon to be switched. And I read in the balance changes that it was meant to make arena more fair but the truth is if your really good you can use any weapon. Take Trap Queen he had been using the axe and it got him very far. He was able to beat spenders easily. So to me this just didn't seem like a right or good addition.


? IF you know how to use a bow then cool. your not very clear with your idea. i dont understand your question.EDIT: k i understand now but you aren't really good if your only good with one weapon the update is to prove that you're a good player. But "if your really good you can use any weapon". i don't agree with that because you have to experienced with the weapon to be good. SO yeah like what you say is contradicting what some people would like.

not a question just saying that rez should change it back so that you dont change weapons

Personally I'm fine with it.

What's a yeti horde? What mystery crate? Are you saying that a bow shouldn't be bought (not worth it), but earned through the supposed mystery crate? I once saw a baffling incident myself where there was a bunch of spawned big black hooded guys. I can only guess that's what you mean by the yeti horde.

*this is a guess*

mystery crates are what you get potions out of on the map Ruin

yetis are the brown beasts and they can be found on either map,while a yeti horde is an absurd number of yetis in a map

I think I once saw what you described as a yeti horde, I thought someone was hacking at the time. It was in the top-left corner of the ruins map

I like switching weapons in arena. Thats just all :D Mainly when against me is archer. If you got bow you got free win so why not to change weapons that i can get some free wins too. Its balanced and it should stay in state like it is now :)