do a curse word ban. so when you curse you get a 1 min ban, curse again? 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 24 hours, and then permanent ban. thats what you get for cursing too much. hope its a good way to take away harasment, just saying :3

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hope its good, it would be helpful. it would also teach me a lessn not to rage curse on this game or i will get consaquenses. XD (dont know how to spell it)


Good but i dont think permanent ban is a good idea


oh ok

then we will do a 1 month ban XD

I don't find swearing to be that bad, and I don't think that they even need it. At most a 60 second mute.


Also I wouldnt take advice from someone who can't spell properly lol


C'mon, this game is called "wilds" :D

Another thing - there are many players from different countries. At least three different languages are spoken there, so it will be hard to filter all of these curses.

But, thanks to that, I've learned how to swear in spanish! :D


Good idea, but how will we achieve this while preserving First Amendment rights, namely, freedom of speech? I suppose the essence of this problem lies in the following question:

"Is the constitution subject to interpretation?"

And thus formed the two political philosophies of America: preserving the constitution and interpreting the constitution. It follows, therefore, that not all people hold the same beliefs, and so I propose to you a solution of my own: An option to filter these "bad words" from the chat.

I, of course, see my proposal as to promote the common good of the people, but as I mentioned above, not all people think the same. I therefore ask this honorable forum, "What do you think of my idea?"

Thank you, and may action be taken to improve this game and the people who enjoy it.


Filter (automatic catching and replacing bad words with neutral ones) could be good idea.

For example:

- polish "kurwa" can be filtered and automatically changed to "kurtyzana"

- spanish "puta" can be changed to "prostituta"

- english "fuck" can be changed to "copulate"

This will also make our chat even more funny than it is at present :D

However, someone will have to make a list of curses for each of popular languages. Probably we should ask natives to do so.

lol just imagine the chat in arena

ends game in three one score*

loser: copulate you you piece of fecal matter

no i dont think this is needed. at all

I don't think there's a need to swear, and your idea blocks the harassment. Though the perm ban is a little far, though. Maybe you can continue to x2 the punishment.

Also a report feature is someone has your information and is swearing under the mask of you so it locks your account. Then an investigation or something can happen.

YOU KNOW WHAT why not what town of salem does make a bunch jibberish to filter em out. EG Go to hell Pirthee transport thyself....