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Not just a private fight but also allow three choices of gamemodes football, desert, and ruins

Although i dont personally own it he does seem right, you (REZONER) could possibly revert or add a fall with pushback where the attack does no damage but the fall can lead to a wombo combo

OK first his obvious turning point ,healing.It should be where his(EDIT) hp potions have an AOE and when he uses them not only does he do the standard heal to himself, but teammates get a plus 1 to their hp if close enough.

Second his attack would be a standard hit/ swing of the staff and does 1hp seeing as he is a healing character and not the Bezerker or Grunt.

His MOUSEWHEEL+CLICK shoud give him one free health potion so he wont have to go searching and he can heal up his teammates.

His F should be something that i think would be pretty cool, his skull from his staff comes off and drops a Bomb,when the action is done this puts the Shaman in a vunerable state since he cannot heal himself fully or others at all during this time when in the No Weapon State (N.W.S) potions should only give him one hp and not heal teammates , which really makes his (yes this is the only reason i wanted this added is because of the name) F-BOMB a real emergency use unlike others who can comeback from using it.

Additional traits (just cool ideas)

-killing an enemy DIRECTLY gives him a hp potion

-heals one HP every 6 seconds

-only has 5 hp

-kick has noticbly shorter cooldown


i say it stay in since it wouldnt fit in this type of .io/game


i suggest a super arrow where it takes more damage but goes slower, sort of like when you press f on the axe guy

instead of skins it would be classes such as the bezerker or others to be added.But on the first round everyone starts with an axe and no weapon.

Would it be like a rent system where for a lower price you can use it for that game?Or elaborate.