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i had this 2

aw ye. i remember that.

nice. u should make a one 4 a ninja mask XD.

Meow, me likeit.

shhessshh, dis post aint been bumped in ages. its so good tho, i simply must bump it. besides, if its that old, its basicaly as good as new (no one will remember it XD). plus its supa good.

i think your suit broke. lucky i just happen to be an engineer. wait, oh sorry. i forgot my toolkit. besides its to late, your infected now. lets see. do you want to borrow my bumping calendar. it helps stop stress from all the bumping. you know, it keeps you organised.

add a new weapon. the spade, that would be funny. it digs up rocks.

hahaha. the thing is you just bumped it when you said that.

YEP. BUMP BUMP BUMP. nooooooooooooooooo i cant stop. i got the disease.