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Paradoc has been muted 60 seconds for typing "lol" too fast.

I figured it was only a matter of time before you took to the forum.

The punishment you suggest is indeed harsh, but justified nonetheless.


You can't hide forever behind cheap manufacturing!

But do you think even just one tree would provide too much convenience?

lol my comment was a joke from the beginning. I never intended to be awarded a badge, and I was just trolling up until now.

In case you are sincere about the offer to join the training camp, though, you have my interest. I have about a year of playing experience, and I would be happy to help in any way I can. My in-game name is Dankgoro, in case you've ever seen me play. I'll go ahead and make a Discord account and message you, but I won't have time for the "small test" until tomorrow.

The concept of deforestation was created by and for the elves in order to make Central Fort manufacturing non-competitive.

I feel we misunderstand each other. I would never intend to discredit those higher up in academia such as you and Snackdubbbz. I have great respect for the time and effort you have put in to get where you are now. However, I've never had the opportunity to embark on such a quest. Teaching is my passion, but I lack the credentials for a prestigious position. It is with utmost humility that I ask for recognition, and I apologize for any offense I have caused.

I'll have you know, I died while typing the instructions to the poor, helpless soul who just wanted enough gold to feed his family. And you're telling me my sacrifice won't be recognized?
That's messed up, bro.

Yo, I taught someone how to sell items to the shop. Can I get one of those shiny badges?

I feel also.

I think the best thing to do is to move the fort to a new gamemode.