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J4sh1n 2 years ago • updated by you 2 years ago 15

Let us see the scores of people in arena while spectating, and also let us bet gold on who will win. If you bet, say, 25 gold, and the person you betted for wins, you get 75 coins. The amount you bet is multiplied by 3 whenever the person you betted for wins. The cap for betting gold should be 500ish, and if the person you bet for loses, you lose the gold you betted.


Rez say that betting system is out of discussion.  😥

also we can change coins for real life money.... jk

Under review

Since you can buy coins for real money I don't think adding betting will do any good for my game regarding facebook policies and overall maturity rating (which means cutting away a good % of players).

Anyway - I thought about betting where reward would be arena score.


Rez in my opinion arena score reward isn't good...You should win the arena score only when you win the matches not the bet.


I agree. Maybe bones? This is also not that important as gold and we can bet bigger amounts of bones.

Bones could be a good reward ... but without collecting them???


You won bet and 50 bones land around you. All people around activate haste potions and you collect nothing.

Still better than nothing bro. This is one way which i see for implement this idea.

Yes Yes i agree. 😀

We have to see other people what think... Maybe they dont like your idea

If you would bet on coins it would be venezuela all over again

Betting is a stupid idea. Far too abusable.

I thought of that, maybe someone would keep betting the max limit and winning, but it's entirely luck based so idk

Yes but you could have a friend who is fighting who uses a dummy account to lose on purpose.