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I am helping him... dude...

A guy asked something about badges and you all answered bad... But you are answering a bad answerer cyber-bully's good. TRY TO RESPECT.

Rozet mi? Benim Clanımda 500 kemik ve altı 1000 kemik falan diye sınıflandırıyorlar Çaylak, İskelet, Destansı falan onu diyorsan kemik toplayarak. Ama bir tane daha şey var 300 kemik toplamak için hedef veriyor. Belki de kemik toplayarak geliyordur rozet. Kemik de düşman mağlup ederek ya da ağaç keserek geliyor. Ama en kolay yolu düşman mağlup ederek. Umarım yardımcı olmuşumdur :) Yanlışsa söyle ona göre cevaplayayım.

Guys "Rozet" means "Badge". He just thought that only Turkish people will answer his question. Why do you need to say "Shut Up!"? What do you want from Turkish people? Turkish people just Rekted you because we were enemies in the past but you all are still trying to get rid of us and start to swearing and unrespecting. It's in the past, not now. Now we are in peace. 

Unsummon, I saw you again. Do we say shut up when you explain that you're defending yourself against PLS PEACE? He means badge. Just speaks Turkish and thought that only Turkish people will answer him.

Try to understand him, then.

Best idea I've ever seen. But HP shouldn't be too low because the game is already hard and you need reflexes. Fast moving speed but %50/75 health would be good you say, right?

Ikr I also don't like saying myself pro. But don't want to seem noob too. Btw how do we delete or change?

Same problem. It has to be fixed. They must make Toggle Shield mode to fix this.

Best request ever. I want it!