Problem with shield

Shardana 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 4

It seems to me that sometimes it doesn't matter if you raise the shield, the opponent can strike you and kill you.
This happens more noticeablt with 'spamming' attacks (god I hate those!). Sometimes I raise the shield up and walk towards the spammer, and even if the shield is still up, the guy can still do damage and even kill me!

Also, I forgot to mention: sometimes when I block I can't counterattack! I believe this happens when I raise the shield after the enemy hits it. Sometimes it happens that I raise it because I desperately want to block the attack of the opponent, so I scroll down just a millisecond after the enemy hits it.
So when I click to attack, nothing happens!

Same problem. It has to be fixed. They must make Toggle Shield mode to fix this.

Guess what?

He's a freaking newbie

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