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I have been playing this game a bit since after the update that sort of killed it and I haven't seen any hacks, apart from hangover. My ping's pretty decent so I don't really deal with too much lag. I have never seen auto-shield or auto-kick, for me it's pretty habit, so if you saw me you might think I'm using auto clickers and stuff but I just sit on the shield a lot.

which guy was this? Or is it a few people?

I normally log in with google+, though I can't access my Twitter account

do you now?

As for this comment, it's a separate idea, and so it should have it's own post. But do try to abide by the one post a week policy.

I think the health bar is currently glitched to show less hp then your actual amount. If nit, I'm sure Rez will fix it.

I had this glitch a while back. I recorded a video of it and I would post it here but MEH.

Makes hunting them a lot easier. +1