Monsters In The LocationBar

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 6

Hello friends! I want to talk about that location bar that is around our character, I do not know her name, so I'll call the location bar

Image 3224

I have always missed some things in this bar, not many, one of them is the great monsters, the ogres and the yetis.
icons that would indicate these monsters could be added to the location bar.

Image 3225

(The black icon represents the yeti, I really did not know what to do to represent it)

well, with that, it would be easier to find them and join the party, that's it, leave your opinion below


That would be a nice addition, so I know not to go in that direction when in a battle.

Makes hunting them a lot easier. +1


nah, would you like to have goblins randomly apear and disapear on the radar? yetis are always located in the same place, and its just 1, and ogres its the same 1 or 2 in the bottom right and or 2 top left, no need to add this

people downvoted you because your opinion is different from their

Goblins do not appear on the radar, in addition, with enough attention, you can identify the exact moment in which the yeti spawns, being able to run and compete for the box, which in my opinion, should drop every time

i think its not that necessary since yetis and ogres dont go too far away from where they spawn