Anti-hack implementations?

Rhoo 4 years ago updated by Beasty Gamer 4 years ago 9

Can you guys check if the usual TOP players are actually playing fair?

I don't know if they are using a glitch. e.g unlocked FPS kills the engine and makes you able to do these things or something else.

I have ~20ms ping and stable 60FPS, but it's always the same players looking "laggy" or warping around when we battle. Or when i'm running as a higher level+boosting and they can keep up with me at lvl0. lol

The one reason that i think it's more than just some tweaking is the fact that they can constantly defend too. Like there is no cooldown for them.

I met with some awesome players, but they always feel legit. I don't even want to be best or anything, i'm not that good, but after all those hours i can feel who is really good and who is the weird one and there are definietly weird players.


I'm not sure on what's really going on now since I haven't been playing in years and not aware of the new meta-game and I'm no expert on things like this, but I'll assume latency problems? Also, I'm not sure if we're able to actually "check" if they're playing fair unless you ask them yourselves; this forum is pretty...dead to say the least so getting answers somewhere else just in case would help.

I can totally agree with this post. Not to mention some people have auto kick and auto shield. You roll at them when they don't expect it, they auto kick. I was fighting this one kid and we were sweating so hard on each other. Suddenly a stray arrow appeared on the screen and they kick it while their back was to it. Not to mention they have just used a special attack on me, and the arrows was like super unexpected.


Yep, same. I roll into a building while attacking with my special and guess what? He defends my attack while he was busy just picking up stuff. And the fact that this isn't a rare case, i just can't hit certain guys, because he always so proo that he is constantly defending. But again, there is a cooldown for that, you can't just always defend.

Also it's not that they just "defend" it, it feels like the same time they counter it and i'm the one that's stunned and 0,1 sec later he is just rolling away.

3 of us attack him, there should be surely spots where he can't defend but we can barely damage him with specials and shit.

Always the same players.

Again, idk if they use mouse macros or killing the engine with some unlocked FPS bullshit. But this needs locked into in my opinion.

which guy was this? Or is it a few people?

a few people, will have to go and find the usernames, I'm mad with those. Perhaps someone might remember

Experience is everything. I guess you are not playing long enough. About the lags: cheap servers is the cause of that. You can have god like ping but server is gonna still lagging a little. It's like that for everyone. About the combat - there are a lot of tricks which normal players may not know. As for example Kicking arrow back while it's behind you is nothing really strange. Also warping around: maybe you mean dash mechanic? When you dubble tap direction button you are gonna dash. Actually skill gap between older and newer players is pretty big. Experienced player know all the cooldowns of attacks and even by your position it's possible to predict your attack (especially if someone is playing pvp a lot). Muscle memory in this game is also a big thing. 

I will tell it stright: it's possible to block or dodge almost all enemy attacks if you are fast enough and you can predict enemy move. All you have to do is to gain experience.

I see you act all knowledgable and all, however there is quite the thing you are missing bud. I played wilds.io 5 years ago back when the graphics were horrible but it was still fun, and the old capture the flag game mode. I'm pretty sure the gray team was wolves and brown/red were bears. So don't assume I'm a new player, I know lots of tricks you can do with dash and what not. When I say the arrow was unexpected, it was clearly unexpected. And pro or not, you will still hit the person at least once or twice by rolling. I'm talking about people who you will never damage by rolling sort of thing. Blocking all damage is a lie,  hammer special attack always ignores my shield. So please kind and "knowledgeable" sir, don't spread false info and think you're the only OG out there.

What leads me to assume is that when people say such things they look like they are covering the cheaters and might be associated/cheating themselves :))

Wilds was founded in may 2016. I have started playing one week after release. Believe me i know how this game works. Also hammer special can hit you only if person who used that, landed behind you. Even if your shield is up it can take 1 dmg by area effect. If you think that i am covering any possible cheaters i am sure you don't know who i am and what i was doing for wilds. This only makes me believe even more that you are still lacking knowledge about the game. I would really want to see your skill in game. By that i could easily say if my thoughts are true.


I have been playing this game a bit since after the update that sort of killed it and I haven't seen any hacks, apart from hangover. My ping's pretty decent so I don't really deal with too much lag. I have never seen auto-shield or auto-kick, for me it's pretty habit, so if you saw me you might think I'm using auto clickers and stuff but I just sit on the shield a lot.