New Update

Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 5

Okay, I know we wanted an update, but the game's changed a bit too much.

I dig the update and the time you put into it- don't get me wrong. It's just the health bar and the rank is a bit off. There are other minor problems, but the health bar is a bit difficult for some old players that are really used to other stuff. Also, the rank isn't showing.

I don't mean to really be a critic, as I know you've probably observed this, but I'm just saying. 

Also, the aesthetics are really nice.

Main update is much bigger than most players noticed. Wilds changed whole engine which added much more posibilities for feature updates. It's also faster than old engine ( i noticed nice difference on my pc). Of course there is many things to do, but not everything can be done in 1 day. So stay calm and just wait for feature :)


I like the update, just think there's a few minor problems.

Glad to see you active again on this forum lmao.



A pretty surprising update, I also didn't expect graphic changes. It's smoother, though I miss the slightly choppier wilds.io. The zoom-out doesn't really zoom out as far as it did before, which is fine. Gotta get used to the new HP, Armor, and Stamina bars tho.