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For me there should be a delay when switching. Cuz imagine all the special coming at u. Except spears cuz that is for escape not offence

Welp I can and I did with 200ms. All u can say is call people pathetic when u dont realise thats what you are. Look in the mirror and you will know what I mean. Unless ur too ugly then the mirror will break but not my prob.

i remember u u used to train me in the old days...

My pc is spoiled and I legit cant play wilds so I just read forums. I hope I can get my burned screen to be fixed cuz im rlly paranoid that ma skills arr lost forever. Idgaf if this is not related to the topic because I will get banned too. Lol. I always tell ppl they are trash and called dis kid named Donny that he has no talent. (Dont u dare ban me for this u made goblin spawn insane and it got me killed and I had like 100+ bones Egzekutor sry if u spellled ur name wrongly but nvm)

I might or might not win im a forum reader like ruby

i thought most of the time u die when u run and I throw coconuts

Oh yea i stole her name xDDD i saw her in EU server and i took her name with my second account xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hooded do u have ur own YT channel? If you have one, i bet it will be 0 subscribers :D

Makes no sense but it never happened to me. And how do u put the ladybug there?