Rip Ruby Rose's name

NameMeister 1 year ago • updated by Ukryty 1 year ago 8

Her name was stolen lol. gg no re

P.S. She temporary changed her name into that for trollin in EU server lol. Rip name 2016-2017 


;-; Rip name lol. You can tell that's me due to my flag lmao

P.S. stahp sending me crap dms in discord

whats your computer...lol

Something from Apple e.g. MacOS

I have no idea what he uses lmao

Oh yea i stole her name xDDD i saw her in EU server and i took her name with my second account xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

...What do you mean EU server? My pal, Howard came into the AS server to see whats going on because I was in the EU server when theres was 60+ people to meme about. You were there in AS server, and according to Howard, you lied about being not Chong En with your "second" account, thus stealing my name. Assuming I was a lier is bs. I changed my name for a while to meme for a few minutes, until you stole it to see if I was lying, which I wasn't. Bruh, there is no one I know that steals names besides you, because you have a huge grudge on me.

*goes for a popcorn and comes back with popcorn pack to see what happens* *eats popcorn* *disappointed*