Requesting " black cape "

Marx 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 11

Rezoner , please include a " black cape " It fits in none players especially in my tribe Black Solitude A.K.A BLVCK 

So you want unique capes available only for certain tribes?

No , I just want a black cape , It's not that necessary for it to depend on Tribes .

that would be cool, but not cool at the same time

i want a cape with a seal face

Oh... ;_;. Meh, +1 for dopeness.

This is Dope .

Marx Bookmarx

I think black cape should be added, anyway i draw other items that can be a good combination with it.

Here's the link if u dont saw it:


I reaĺly want a new shield because now we have only 2.