Embedding Videos on Bulletin .

Hooded Black 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 10

I tried embedding a YouTube Video into the Bulletin , It doesn't seem to work , Why ?

Is it because I'm not allowed in the first place ? 

no idea buddy

hahaha , that's alright mate 



wow you received so many helpful comments wow

Sad no one even checks all of the things in the News Feed .


btw what video do you want to embed to the bulletin

A Youtube Video . You don't need to actually know which video , But If I were to say what type , It'd be a Youtube Video .

Hooded do u have ur own YT channel? If you have one, i bet it will be 0 subscribers :D

I have a Youtube Account , But , I don't have Videos , I was planning on having Marx post gameplays of the game , then Share it on the Bulletin via Embed Code .

call the police