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Egzekutor has experience since he has helped a bit with the coding I think.

Rope Bomb isn't a glitch...

Wait, why salt though? God potion would sound better.

Let's face it guys. All great things come to an end. I'm guessing by the end of 2018 will be dead. R.I.P. is losing players due to the lack of updates. The US server is already dead. I really love the game and wish it were updated more frequently.

My record is 224 on no team. I was running so much because legit the whole server was after me in one mob. It's hard to get higher than that for me when I gotta run.

I once killed someone with 180 bones, and I got the 180 bones back because I knocked them into a wall with my sword special :D

It's a good idea. We definitely need more life around here.

How would you slide when you get up from, for example, a kick?