Rez should hand the game over to the community

Benjamin Watson 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 6

It's really basic all he has to do to save the game is to hand the game over to the community so their ideas can actually be put into practice after all these months.

and how do you imagine that? nobody around here has any experience in coding or game developing

Egzekutor has experience since he has helped a bit with the coding I think.

If that's the case, Egz should have the game.

Game will stay in Rezoner hands. And he almost finished his new football game, so soon we should expect some updates. It's hard to do everything when you have family, small child and very limited time...

it is hard indeed but you simply cant ignore an active community for over an year. nobody asks him to leave his family behind and focus on wilds, a minor update once in 3 months would be more than enough. but instead of focusing on polishing his current games he just creates new ones