Bone Duplication

Not-a-name 6 years ago updated by FrozenVoltz 6 years ago 4

There is a little glitch where you can duplicate the amount of bones you give when you die. It happens when you take fall damage (maybe by rolling into a rock) at 1HP. So instead of getting about 20 bones from a guy with 50 bones you could get a good 40 with the glitch. I don't know if this is that much of a big deal, I just wanted to say it since people are starting to abuse the glitch to get higher scores.

well yeah, that happends some times by accident,but glad you didnt actually said how to do it xD

Lol Brai, this sounds rather suspicious :P

does it? i know how to do it if thats what you meant

I once killed someone with 180 bones, and I got the 180 bones back because I knocked them into a wall with my sword special :D