Forum revolution

Egzekutor 6 years ago updated by shad7 6 years ago 7

Hello everyone. I didn't posted here some time, but i am checking this place again recently. I see not much things was changed from my last visitation, so i got small idea which can bring some life to this place. Let's move to the details.

As everyone know this forum was only for ideas about game updates, bug reports and questions related to the game.

But since Rezoner is not visiting this place now that often, i think we can use this place for some kind of integration, and in this way bring here more life. for example we can start talking about our personal records, tactics which we are using in game, or share our own experience from game. I am pretty sure, many of you had interresting moments in game, which you can share to others. 

But to not destroy forum basic rules, we will still stick to most common things, as:

- no spam

- good bahavior and language

- respect to other forum users

In this way we can again have fun from visiting this place, and also we can bring here some life, and also maybe more people will start reading our posts. Soon i will create another post where i try make interresting topic for converation.

As always i am waiting for your response, and please tell me what do you think about this idea. also if Rezoner decide visit this place more often, we can simply bring back old rules - hopefully with more forum users. 

Regards, Egzekutor

It's a good idea. We definitely need more life around here.

where is the forum revolution?

nobody cares