Rezoner is a funny guy...

Zagłoba 6 years ago updated by Shiru,Kurai ite 6 years ago 19

He really acts like a politician before an election

  - he says something like:  "Hey guys, hold on, there will be a new update and I will add something great." He does it very often. And his promises and plans are nearly always unkept. There were many situations like in my example. He haven't added:

- grass (altough Egzekutor arleady made its sprites),

- handcannon (new weapon),

- new good gamemode,

- beards,

- color update,

- killing sandworms...

...and many others.

I really don't know why he is acting like that. I know, he is busy, but promises are promises.

Do you guys know the answer?

And you, Rezoner, (if you are reading this) can you explain yourself?

Very dissapointed Zagłoba

maybe he wanted to look like a Brazilian

Wilds.io is losing players due to the lack of updates. The US server is already dead. I really love the game and wish it were updated more frequently.

He is really busy in real life. Also he is making new game and if i good know he must finish it soon (probably contract or something). I guess he just don't have time for all his games. Not everyone have time to spend whole day on pc, especially when you have wife and child. And programming is not that easy and fast thing.

But we are waiting for these updates since... one year? Or almost. Sorry, but his bussines is not an explanation.

A new game? does that mean wilds will only get some ex: 2 upgrades, and it will end and
it will never update again? it is? first it was the Mechar.io that until then does not get
to have 5 players daily, then came the wanderers.io that today is in the popularity level
of wilds.io and now a new game? That means then that Wilds.io was abandoned.

Let's face it guys. All great things come to an end. I'm guessing by the end of 2018 Wilds.io will be dead. R.I.P.

I am not sure with this... but maybe you have right?

I think he should check this page more often than once a month/two. There were SO MANY good posts that weren't marked as "under review".

There are currently more than 30 posts tagged with '' under review ''

But... its ONLY 30.

yes, ITS ONLY 30 ;-;

Rezoner may be busy in real life, but working on a new game seems to go against what the community wants, after all, how much longer will we have to make posts like that?

Why someone gave me a minus? What was the purpose?

Try to realise it.