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In a rolling/dashing melee fight I do almost as well as with a bow in its previous state, my name in-game is BadgerBunter and I have been practicing at bow in this game a long time.

I was playing around yesterday with bow and I neglected to read any patch notes before I logged but I noticed the stamina changes immediately and to me that says quite a bit.

It seems to me that bow is not even worth using at this point while these stamina changes remain, the arrow speed is really a minor change in comparison, I might as well just practice with a new melee weapon since that's essentially what the bow is now too. To kill most players I found myself rolling and dashing around most of the time simply waiting out the cooldown on bow special to finish players off.

If no one had complained about bow damage in the first place you wouldn't be dealing with constant arrow spam. Slow firing with the damage dealt previously or fast firing with current damage, pick one.

Players aren't really given much incentive to fight together especially when it gets down to the last few humans and it turns in to who can run away better. I'd rather see something like timed survival rounds of about 2 or 3 minutes in which points are awarded for kills and to the winning team. I also really liked how the first iteration of the map had some cliffs on it since they made a good defense point, some cliffs in the current map would be welcome.

Two times now I've had matches with at least one round that resulted in a tie and it always seems to be my opponent getting the point, I'm curious if anyone knows how it's determined who the winner is in a tie?

I wouldn't mind if bow was returned to its previous state but I do agree the current glitchiness with firing and movement is annoying. I think if kick is ever changed to only work in the direction the person is kicking the bow in its current state will be much more useful though.