"Sorry" Voice Emote

BeanieCap 7 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 32

I think it has been suggested before but it would be cool to have a "Sorry" in the voice emotes list.

That could be cool.+1 cuz' this game needs to have more emotes.

ye, if u accidentally hit ur m8 and have no time to say sorry or somethin. ye i agree! 


Canadian spotted +

Hey watch it where you swing that thing here,my jaw!!😠


add ,,thank you" too


*steals 50 bones from enemy killed by someone* Thank you!

No reason why not to add this +1

i am all out for more emotes, not only those... more like, for diferent weapons, and maybe even and evil one.. to go with the wings and stuff like that..

Like MUHAHA or something like that.

yeah, i have some files already, with hight pitch and down pitch voice to make it cooler xD

That's good,man.Could you show us some,I mean if you want?

hight... height? high? EXPLAIN

Hight is gramatically wrong form of Height,which on other hand it's word for emphasizing how something is high,but that "high"can describe crackhead's drug intake.You wrote that?

I still don't understand :D

F#ck.Do I need to repeat again?

Sh#t.And we are back to square one.

MUAHAHA would sound pretty inofensive with the standart voice pack


Or it can be added something like this:"If it lives,I can kill it",or: "Give me a moving target",something like that.I also forgot to mention that these unique voices could be implemented to some supportive heroes I made the topic about recently.

fking good idea seal, today i am gonna post it with this phraces, also yeah it was "high"

All the canadians upvoted this idea

Also we need the "Retreat" emote for french people

Qui Qui,I agree.*twist his moustache*

*Takes a bite from baguette" Sacre Bleu! Le emote is of perfect!


Where are you from, guys?!


I dont speak Spanish!

Neither do I.I speak croatian.*glares*

...Seriously. ¬_¬

でも何で? ...