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Return the bow stats like they were before!

Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 32

The bow now with increased reload is rly laggy for some of players,like me.Again,it s laggy for me,sure is for some players too,and its reload is overestimated.What i was thinking is to change bow damage and reload like they were before.It would be great if you could change it.Maybe you will listen to me maybe not,but at least i tried to make some difference even though seems pointless to you cuz you  think it is not worth it.Hope you understood me.  


The Wilds Team


Seal please calm down,the bow was too op in the first place....

And everyone who is reading this ,that "lag" is just the Seal fucking spamming attacks and stuff,the poor keyboard will die anytime soon ...

Watch this Baby Seal,it will calm u down...



This is totaly usefull! ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆

Y u no report mah comment


Oh really,cut that overreacting out,not cool.Nvmd i get it it's just your opinion.

Under review

Sure I can if the discussion here proves that I should do it.


Thanks for understanding me,we will discuss about it tommorow,after i recover.


Why bow was be nerfed btw? I thought it's a balanced weapon, especially when mirage potion is not that op now.

2 potions of mirage, 1 shot, 1 hit left next shot is special, you are dead. thats not balanced.

Don't count me, I'm sick to potato aim fever. :(

Why you bumped this and why you use Vegeto reference.

I liked old bow better, now sometimes it doesn't register charging attack if you do it right after an attack


The Wilds Team... Shit! What you done with SEALS tribe!!!


Man,I was tired,my bad.

I mean the bow before the nerf could fire consistently... and it did about the damage of a hammer, which was unbelievable. It was also the preferred weapon for many "runners" which was hella annoying. Now, with this update, bows sometimes won't fire after each shot and it does slightly less damage than a hammer. I think that the bow is in the right place 'cause:

1.) I hate "runners" 

2.) You can't spam arrows now after each shot

3.) I've seen players like Evasive snipe fairly well even with the nerf.


That bow spamming ends up for me and maybe some of players with glitchy movement that makes me walk in one direction when pulling the bow,which is rly annoying.And the damage is totaly underestimated cuz' it takes awhile to kill someone even with clones cuz it makes that bow reload even more glitchy,at least for me(i know some players experienced that besides me).

Ok, you have a point, but maybe Rezoner will fix that bug.


Hi Seal, 

I think you accused me of bumping my thread unnecessarily:

"No need to ban everyone cuz' of few(quite few) of bumps,"

I'm responding on here so as not to be accused of bumping my own thread again - because there is not a message system.

I responded to a gif with a gif immediately, and to two other comments I made my position more clear, all within a few hours. I responded soon so as not to bump, and only tried to respond when warranted.

I read the one idea a week rule (which seems like a good idea) and wanted to make sure my idea counted and I followed the rules of the forum. I don't want it to seem like I am not following rules or being respectful, so please let me know if I did something wrong I was unaware of.


that bump tho


From your mouth to God's ear.


Sure man,no need to worry.I didn't mean anything bad,just trying to make difference when it comes to unnecesary comments,regardless of being vulgar or ones with only sentence marks who often get spammed,but as I see,I'm certain you didn't do anything bad or threatening that includes this forum.And about this "one idea per week",you only made one topic so far,and I'm sure you won't break the rule you recently discovered since you're aware already,and that's what counts.Everything's fine,man,no worry for such an issue everybody can make mistake.

We're cool?

i will just like this because you´re a Seal and your habittat is in danger.

(i actually like this post the very idea of bringing something old again is actually good with this as the bow´s reload time is being overestimated)


For me the bow is a very good weapon since it has good damage and good load. I think it should not be nerfear because then people do not use it so much I think that theirs would be alomejor lower a little damage but not speed because it is worth more speed than much damage.


Yea,I agree.That's opposite proportional

smaller damage<=>bigger fire rate

bigger damage<=>slower fire rate     

Basic math and logic.


Seal I think the bow is very well now what happens is that lately there are quite a few good players who control the bow very well. I believe the truth is that his thing would be to lower the damage a bit but nothing more equal speed.


I know.Can't do nothing about it.

I wouldn't mind if bow was returned to its previous state but I do agree the current glitchiness with firing and movement is annoying. I think if kick is ever changed to only work in the direction the person is kicking the bow in its current state will be much more useful though.


Mmmm I would much rather prefer a slow high damage bow then a no-skill spam low damage bow. ._.


Yea,cuz' spamming makes you look like a doof sometimes,and I mean,logically,it's damage is ruined now.