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Nice job Moms Spaghetti! I love the idea! Great posting skill- very easy to read.

Good idea lava, I think that we should have SOMETHING to give you armor


1- You don't need to pointlessly attack someone. It's their idea, your opinion won't change it

2- You shouldn't call someone a noob just because they have creativity.

3- You shouldn't insult someone's skill that you have probably never seen

4- You are in fact NOT the real Lord Karma, so please stop being rude.

5- You can post hate comments elsewhere.

This is a good idea, I like the complexity.

Nice idea! I think that would help revenge purposes like you said, but wouldn't it also allow you to hunt someone down relentlessly and be, in some sorts, annoying?

Sorry for the miss spelling or wording, I simply think of them as 'walls'. Thanks for the input though! And thank you Eg!

Great pointer! Thank you for clearly following the proper etiquette of posting :D

Good point, good point. But what if some people can't? Don't mean to challenge your idea, with all due respect, you are a great player, but some people you fight hard for their bones simply don't have enough health left to chase after a thief. Thanks for the input!

Also, I think this is important because it gives players protection by having any defeated bots re-spawn right back, meaning it is usually impossible to keep them off for long if the flag is in the respawn base.

Great idea- and good point!