White Gems Give you Shield?

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Hey Rezoner and other readers! Thanks for reading this post, I appreciate putting your time into reading this! Please upvote if you like the idea, and comment on why you do/don't like this idea and any extensions or other things you would add to this. Thanks! Now let's get started-

We all know that they recently have added the feature of the red gems giving you health, which I think is an amazing addition and helps the game A LOT. (Nice one, Rezoner) It also seems appropriate due to the color of the red gems that it gives you red health. However, what about the white gems? They seem useless next to the red gems, meaning that no one wants them- they don't really give you anything (Please, correct me if I am wrong with this). My idea is that these white gems give you a very small amount of shield, just like the red gems give you a small amount of health. This makes the gems more meaningful, and I think it makes sense- why would one gem give you a useful attribute and the other does nothing? This makes players see the value in the gems, though they are rarer, as you don't get them from killing the goblins. Thanks for reading!


Sounds pretty kool


The white gems give you stamina, you know the this that enables you to run.


Good idea, but I think that the white gems are already too crucial to the gameplay, especially for the mage class, which depends on stamina.


the white dots give you stamina they are useful but couldn't rezoner just add a different dot to heal your armor


Good idea lava, I think that we should have SOMETHING to give you armor


Hmmmm...if only there was something in the game that gave you armor. You know like ARMOR!!! lol

Current armor is basically just extra health. I made a post about adding real armor a while ago:


As said above, the white gems already have a purpose. I don't pay much attention to the white gems, though, so I wouldn't be upset if they were changed.


This isnt youtube,dont say upvote if you like the post

Stamina orbs is now extremally usefull, especially in current map. When you have big score all players on server want hunt you down, and you need stamina for run. Also mages got from it fast stamina.

I am not sure about armor orbs. Armor is now something rare, and you need little luck for found it because armor have smaller chance for drop than other items. Armor orbs make from it just another often to collect item.

Remember tile with 11 boxes where to go to it you have to jump over the pit? it was first ruins map. I did go to this place and destroyed all boxes. All got armor :D

Heh nice luck ;3