Stealing Bones

The Real Pixl 7 years ago updated by krayracker 7 years ago 7

Bones have developed over time, becoming the one thing that came boost you on the leader board. However, is it *completely* fair that I could go into wilds.io right now, do nothing and just watch a fight, then roll in and steal the victorious fighter's bones? Probably not. I think a couple solutions are making the bones be 'suctioned' in some way to the killer of the player, or having the bones being placed closer to the player. This problem seems to make wilds.io a place where unskilled players can get in first place. This is why i think fixing this idea would make Wilds.io a better place. Thank you for reading! Please like and comment on your thoughts!

If someone steals my bones, I kill them.

if it's someone from your team, you can't

That's why I play on the 'none' team.

Good point, good point. But what if some people can't? Don't mean to challenge your idea, with all due respect, you are a great player, but some people you fight hard for their bones simply don't have enough health left to chase after a thief. Thanks for the input!


I think that the half of the bones that drop at your feet should instead automatically be put into your 'bone account' because if you're moving then you leave them behind and a thief can roll in and take them. This way, you're guaranteed at least half of your bones from your kills, I think this is pretty balanced.

I definitely like this idea. 50% should be sucked into your inventory, instead of just put near you. However, I don't feel all should go to you.

Already If you are responsible for the majority of the damage on a player half their bones drop at your feet. I think this is a great game mechanic. If you are running from the scene then you sacrifice your bones. The rest drop on the dead player. Having to make the decision to get your bones vs retreat. I also agree that having bone thieves is a nice incentive to go after them like Expatriate says. Bones are a fantastic way to score in ruins. I'd like to be able to throw bones make them do minimal damage but slow chasers for a brief moment.